Goran Josipovic qualified as an audio engineer in Manchester UK in 1999. The following 10 years were spent working in a variety of studios both in Manchester and here in Johannesburg. With the knowledge and experience gained, Goran then decided to open his own company and build his own studio.

To create his ideal studio, Goran worked hand in hand with Jacques Fourie. As both an architect and professional musician, Jacques clearly understood the importance of the studio acoustics and of the design space. The studio was completed in 2009 and with the studio's design and its clean analogue signal pathway, Goran's vision became a reality.


 The studio offers recording, mixing and mastering facilities.

Goran believes that to achieve a great recording, it is essential to pay attention to each and every step of the production.

' One of the distinguishing features of my studio, is that it is possible for a number of musicians to perform and be recorded simultaneously. We can then capture authentic performances and the spirit of the music. This makes all the difference'

The studio's clean analogue signal path and top of the range converters all assist in achieving sonic excellence in both the acoustic space and from the instruments.

Another feature that sets Goran's studio apart, is that he has a Yamaha high-end recording drum kit available to get the best possible sound at source.